Certificate of

aviation and cadet preparation (CACP)


  • Jan, Apr, Jun, Oct 

  • by booking a small class or individual class


  • On Campus in Hong Kong


  • 30 hours classroom (including Simulator)


  • CACP


  • Minimum level of understanding in the aviation area

  • Efficient communication skills in English 

Entry requirements

​Admission criteria

The admission criteria have been grouped to assist you to easily find the information most relevant to your circumstances. However, you may fit into more than one and the Training Center will consider applicants against each of the relevant criteria.


​Certain conditions apply. For more information please contact one of our education agents.

Individual Applicants or groups are required to meet the following criteria for admission:

Communication Skills

  • Students must have efficient communication skills in both English and Cantonese.


Be passionate, be discipline 

  • Being a pilot is somehow dangerous when you flying up to 1000 ft and all passenger life are depending on your professionalism. We require our students to maintain good attitude to learn, be observant to our instructor instruction, be passionate to aviation knowledge & skills and take responsibility.

Essential requirements for admission

English language entry requirements
In addition, in the aviation industry, English is essential for communicating and manual reading. A sufficient English level of reading, listening and speaking is important. Possession of one or more of above qualifications, in addition to the academic entry requirements, does not, in itself, guarantee a place at the Hong Kong Aviation Training Center. Applications are considered on an individual basis and selection is competitive. Students may need to go through Interview process for assessing their English level and skills of communication.

Passion and Discipline

Experience to be a pilot is an achievement for every student, passion is needed for motivation and Discipline help efficiency and effectiveness of the study.


Certificate of

aviation and cadet preparation



  • Take the first steps towards becoming a pilot and learn the theory before attending any interview.

  • Study the basics knowledge and prepare yourself for applying the cadet program.

  • Insight into the interview process.

  • Perfect opportunity for student to prepare their aviation career.


Certificate of

aviation and cadet preparation


Take-off as Zero, Landing as Hero

Make your dreams of becoming a pilot reality with our Certificate of aviation and cadet preparation. The Program provides all basic & essential knowledge for students preparing themselves to become a pilot & cadet interview. It is conducted based on practical syllabus and therefore can assist students to achieve their goal in their pilot career.

What you'll need

  • English language especially speaking, listening and reading are essential for our program.

  • Passionate to learn, maintain positive attitude and discipline, be always observant.

What you'll learn

You will undertake 30 hours general classroom including simulator training for preparing yourself in the course. Get yourself ready for all the basics before applying for the interview in any carrier.

From interview skills, basic flying knowledge and theory, communication and leadership training to experience sharing from pilots, may lead students to their way to achieve their goal to be a pilot. 

For further information, please kindly contact our education agent of the CACP which provides greater detail about the course.

Rule & Notes



For the safety and security of our students: 


Discipline of our students is one of the top priority in Hong Kong Aviation Training Center. School policy, rules and regulations are set for our student's reference. Students who do not comply with our rules and regulations may result from an oral reprimand to dismissal from our Program without any refund. 

Study hours

For Certificate of aviation and cadet preparation overview you study, students will need to allocate time for various classes such as lectures, tutorials, workshops, seminars and practicals. Plus you will need additional hours to study in your own time to complete assignments, readings, projects and contribute to online e-learning. So as a general rule, students may need to allocate around 15 hours of study every week and before the examination and the practical flying.


Your studies at HKATC will incorporate both practical, professionally focused and research-based learning, so assessment types will vary.


You can expect them to include:

  • practical tasks and tests

  • practical assessments (e.g. flight, navigation)

  • essays and assignments examinations

  • an industry-relevant project

  • an oral or online presentation

Why Certificate of

aviation and cadet preparation (CACP)

You will learn the very practical flying theory from our flight instructors.

Our Program emphasize hands-on, practical knowledge, our students will train in our campuses in Hong Kong and Vancouver to learn on the latest practical flying knowledge and skills. Through this program, you will develop an basic flying knowledge. 

Certificate of aviation and cadet preparation assist our students to achieve their goal to be a pilot. From Zero, HKATC provide knowledge and training for student to prepare themselves before attending any of the interview. 


Aviation Career Outcomes

​Your First Step into Aviation Career

Over the next 20 years the world's airline fleet will grow at an average rate of approximately 3.5 % annually, driving the need for more than 36,000+ new airplanes valued at 5 trillion dollars.


Growth is being driven by emerging markets such as Latin America, Asia-Pacific, low-cost carrier and sixth freedom business models*.

The 2016 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook project that 617,000 new commercial airline pilots and 679,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to fly and maintain the world fleet between now and 2035**.

With this growth, it is an exciting time to be planning a career in the aviation industry.


Here are some careers students may consider for aviation career:

  • commercial pilot working for international, national or regional airlines (with further study)

  • corporate and business aviation

  • flight instructor

  • firefighting pilot

  • medical and air ambulance pilot

*Boeing’s Market Outlook 2013-2032

**2016 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook


How To Apply

If you would like to apply for our Certificate of aviation and cadet preparation , contact our Education Agent for more details.

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