Diploma in

Aviation & Flight Operation (CPL)

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Program Details

Program length

minimum of 74 weeks, full-time

The program consists of four terms and is delivered over 18 months with scheduled one semester for flying during each term. Each term must be passed to progress to the next term.

The flight training portion of the program is competency based. However, a minimum number of flying hours is required. Most students can expect to qualify for their Private Pilot Licence (PPL) after flying between 45 hours (Transport Canada minimum requirement) and 65 hours (the average for most people). The Private Pilot Licence course allows for a maximum 80 flying hours. DAFO costs cover total of 200 flying hours for students to achieve Commerical Pilot Licence (CPL). Any flying to qualify for the Commerical Pilot Licence that is over 200 hours will be at an additional cost to the student.

Total flying provided within the program is 200 hours.


A 70 percent pass mark is required for each course. The exception to this rule is that a minimum of 90 percent is required to qualify for a Student Pilot Permit.

To obtain pilot licences and ratings, students will be required to complete Transport Canada examinations and flight tests. If students do not complete the examinations and flight tests within the hours allotted, they will be involuntarily withdrawn from the program.

Note: Students must pass all courses in a term to successfully complete the term. Students who fail or withdraw from one or more courses in a term may be prohibited from continuing in the program and be required to apply for re-admission. When students are permitted to continue in the program, it is their responsibility to present evidence of successful completion of the failed course(s) to the Registrar's Office either before the end of the next term or before the credential is awarded, whichever condition is specified.

Program location

Hong Kong Aviation Training Center (Hong Kong Campus)


Room 302, Metropole Square,

On Yiu St, Sha Tin, HKSAR

Hong Kong Aviation Training Center (Vancouver Campus - Pacific Rim) 


393-18799 Airport Way

Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B4


*Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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